10 Things Not To Say To A Teacher In Winter

The dark period between mid-October to mid-December is always brutal for teachers, for a number of reasons, and this year was especially bad since Thanksgiving Break came so late in the year. Here are some things to avoid saying to the teachers in your life during these dark weeks before Winter Break:

You look tired.
Would you believe this is me with undereye concealer on?

Are you seeing family for Thanksgiving?
There are only three possible responses here: yes, and I wish I wasn’t; no, and I wish I was; yes, and I’m glad I am. Do you like those odds?

Bet you’re looking forward to summer!
What are you talking about. What is a summer.

Are you doing NaNo this year?
People who say “I don’t have time isn’t a real excuse” aren’t teachers. But my students are powering through their word counts, which is great for my self-esteem.

Oh, but you have a two-week break at the end of all this.
You mean the Great Annual Lesson Planning Binge? I can’t wait to get to all the things I’ve been putting off “until winter break.”

Just show a movie!
People who suggest this to me are almost always the ones who will also complain that teachers are “too hard to fire” and expound on the many ways their teachers failed them. 

Back in my day, we never had “Winter Break,” but I see your school is too PC to call it “Christmas Break.”
Are you confused about what season it is?

Ugh, I hate having to wake up while it’s still dark out.
You know who else hates that? All the teenagers I get to hang out with starting at 7:45 in the morning. Also, me.

I bet the kids are all well-behaved because they’re excited for Christmas.
Have you ever met an excited child? Do you know what a child is?

What do you want for Christmas?
Actually, this is a totally okay thing to say. You can say this. But you should already know the answer. It’s Expo markers. It’s always Expo markers.