Quite honestly the thing that interests me the most about her relationships with Gale and Peeta is that they’re completely organic to the situations. That in the beginning of Catching Fire, she wants to forget her time in the games and go on with her regular life, which means she will be pushing herself away from Peeta because he’s a reminder of the Games, and growing closer to her childhood friend Gale because he reminds her of home. But when she’s thrown back into the Games, she’s pulled away from Gale and pushed back towards Peeta, because she finds comfort in him having shared the trauma of the Games. But I never, for one minute, think that she sits around debating who she likes better.
She doesn’t have time for it.

francis lawrence, the he-fucking-gets-it director for mockingjay and catching fire (via jerichoes)

Pair this with Jezebel’s "What If Katniss Didn’t Have To Choose?"